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Supporting Teachers, Education Professionals and Parents from Day 1

One of the primary reasons why we started Sensational Student was to support education professionals and parents in fostering their student’s learning.

To this point, we’re proud to announce our new Classroom Connections series of videos. Our Curriculum Director Danielle delivers pro-tips and insight into each app’s intended purpose.

Each episode illustrates how to use our apps to:

    1) Introduce a new skill
    2) Encourage the practice of skills in a fun and engaging way, and
    3) Strive to achieve higher levels of proficiency through a positive re-enforcement reward system.

Teachers: We encourage you to watch the video and use our apps to enhance your lesson plans while supercharging your student’s scholastic achievement!

Parents: We challenge you to challenge your students outside the classroom with our apps. You’ll see that in making learning fun, your student’s confidence will grow, and with it, their performance in the classroom.